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AIS Services safety record rates among the industry’s best. This is due to our safe working practices, and our comprehensive safety training program all of which has enabled AIS to attain Contractor Plus Health & Safety accreditation.

Our staff goes through rigorous safety programs that cover the proper handling of equipment and chemicals, and the requirements of COSHH. In this way, we ensure that both our employees and yours are always working in a safe environment.

We believe that Safety is not only a business prerogative, it is imperative to provide a safe work environment for our employees.

A Safety Commitment

AIS’s commitment to safety is so strong that we tie each managers’ incentive directly to safety. You, our customer, are assigned a manager with high levels of safety training. Our manager ensures that all safe practices are being followed, incorporates your facility’s safety procedures into our practices, and is readily available to discuss any special needs or concerns you have

Safety procedures –AIS requires that all personnel follow safety procedures, both to prevent unsafe conditions and to promote quick, consistent action in the event of an unsafe condition or accident. Each manager and staff member receives thorough training in these procedures, which include

These strict practices include

Use Of Accident Reporting Procedures

Accident reporting procedures dictate that all accidents be reported, and a manager must accompany the injured party to the hospital. The manager must complete the accident report and deliver it to the Safety Department within 24 hours

Safety Task Assignment Checklists. – These are completed daily to ensure safe work practices

Behavioural Observation Sheets Work behaviour is monitored weekly by management.

Safety Audits These audit forms must be filled out routinely

Safe Practices

These strict practices include
  • Equipment Preventative Checklist
  • Use of personal protective equipment including gloves, goggles and safety shoes
  • Proper labelling of all bottles
  • MSDS books
  • Use of Operations Safety Review Checklists by the safety manager, for rating such factors as equipment, storage areas, site manuals, personnel, and personal protective equipment

Safety training – Every AIS staff member receives safety training. The training programs include initial induction training, specific on-site training and regularly scheduled updates to keep employees informed of innovations in tools, techniques and safety practices.

All training focuses on the proper methods and sequencing of every task. We include video training, hands-on demonstrations, graphical tools, web based training and written testing in a classroom environment.

Site-specific training include instruction in the use of proper protective equipment, hazardous communication standards and handling materials at your facility.

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