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    Deep Cleaning/Cold Fogging

    The process works by filling a room with a fine mist. The particles are so small they remain in the air long enough to kill any airborne viral bacterial contamination.

    Deep Cleaning/Cold Fogging

    The process takes minutes, not days, and the area is ready to re-enter and use as soon as the treatment is complete. An area the size of a tennis court (1000m3) can be treated in less than 90 minutes.

    AIS provides regular scheduled visits or a 24/7 rapid response service to ensure protection.

    AIS takes every step to ensure a discreet and highly efficient service is provided, designed to minimise disruption to both you and your business.

    AIS’s bio-fogging is able to sanitise whole rooms quickly and effectively and gets to work immediately. Once the treatment is complete the space is free of any pathogens due to its speed and capabilities. This is more cost-effective than traditional cleaning and there is no need to move furniture or equipment around for the treatment to work.

    The methods involved in bio-fogging have been available for many years.They had been unsuitable for use of materials such as plastic, fabric and metal by causing corrosion and destroying them over time. This has now changed through new biocidal technology allowing fogging to be safe and effective.

    The service can be used in:

    • Clinics
    • Dentists
    • Schools
    • Surgeries
    • Nurseries
    • Food Preparation Areas
    • Hospitals
    • Equine Care
    • Hotels
    • Nurseries
    • Nursing Homes

    AIS recommend the use of Sterizar as the only biocidal sanitiser proven effective while remaining fully safe to use and fully biodegradable. Sterizar works by irreversibly binding, penetrating and immobilising bacteria, viruses and fungi so that they cannot replicate, leaving surfaces disinfected and safe to use.

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